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What is an Aviation Management Degree?

It is a degree with a combination of basic concepts in aviation and business.

Aviation is one of the cutting-edge industries available with a lot of opportunities. The role aviation is playing in connecting the world is higher than the contribution from the combination of all other industries. Be it a package delivery or people flying from one place to another, this field touches everybody and interconnects many industries.

The industry is different, unique, and adventurous at the same time. This is why everyone is in love with this field. How does a Management Degree differ from an Aviation Management Degree? Yes, it falls under the category of management degrees which teaches you how to run an organization, how to manage it, and how to lead people, etc., but an Aviation Management Degree covers the same while being tied to the world of aviation.

The aviation career field is still blooming and pretty new. Go back a few decades, and you won’t find anyone that has studied this subject “Aviation Management”. Only pilots and cabin crew were known to the world, but the truth is, there are many more aviation professions available. Let’s put it this way. You need to have the knowledge to support pilots and other aviation professions who are out there doing their job.

The Importance of an Aviation Management Degree

Things you can do in the aviation industry are unlimited. If you prefer you could get into the international scene of Aviation Management, assist in developing the airline systems of the countries, etc. Honestly speaking, the opportunities with running airports and running the companies with aviation assets are never going to vanish, it may have come to a halt now due to the global pandemic, but no sooner or later the industry will bounce back. This exactly is the main benefit of having an Aviation Management Degree and choosing this industry for your career path.

No matter what gets automated and what new technologies are introduced, the opportunities are never going away. Suppose a new technology is introduced. Who has to manage it? The people. The same goes for support systems as well. People are required to handle and manage them. Within the next couple of decades, the airline industry is going to undergo immense growth, and that whole process requires more and more people.

What you learn here is always new and innovative when you compare Aviation Management Degrees with the others. It is never the same old syllabus from A to Z when it comes to Aviation Management. The way of moving people, moving cargo, and handling the operations are ever-evolving, regularly updated, and trust me it never gets boring.

For anyone who wants to escape the normal and same thing day in and day out, this is the right program to study. Perhaps and arguably the only unlimited career field has got to be the aviation industry.

Doubt my words? Alright, ask someone who works in the aviation industry about “why it is so special”, “what thrives you or what makes you want to go to work?” 9 out of 10 will tell you that, every day is a different experience and they are always excited about what is next.

Here is a list of things you are going to get once you complete MCAS’s Aviation Management Degree.

  • Opportunity to critically analyze principal areas of the industry.
  • Develop the leadership skills required to strategically carry out Aviation Management tasks.
  • Develop an understanding on how to run aviation operations.
  • Develop the ethics and behaviors as suited to diverse environments.
  • Develop the communication skills to handle the stakeholders.
  • Develop collaboration skills with the stakeholders.

How an Aviation Management Degree makes you stand out from a Business Management Degree?

When you step foot into this community, there is this aviation fever you catch. Mark my words, when you get it, you will never want to leave it. Aviation Management is one of the most versatile Degrees available for you to study.

Let me explain how. Suppose for whatever the reasons, you fail to enter the aviation industry. Be it a personal reason or something else. But in this degree, you are going to study business as well! You learn almost everything you have to learn as a businessman over here. This degree. It’s one of a kind and it is unique and provided endless opportunities.

Let me give another example pointing out the versatility of an Aviation Management Degree. Say you are appearing to an interview with a candidates who have business management degrees. What they can say to the panel is just that, he/she has graduated in business. And that’s it. But when you have completed an Aviation Management Degree, you can say that “Yes, I am a graduate, I have the business knowledge for sure and I have the awareness about certain other aspects as well”. That way this degree makes you stand out from the rest.

In a normal working environment of a normal job, you probably get to work with the same people from your company every day. But in Aviation, you have to work with employees from other companies and other industry lines as well and same goes with your clients, who might be from any part of the world. The intention behind all these collaborations is none other than maintaining the safest travel industry in the world.

Why MCAS (Millennium College of Aviation Studies) for your Aviation Management Degree?

Aviation Management Degree

First thing is that our staff is comprised of aviation enthusiasts. We know how you should be guided. Above all, we are also passionate and consider it our responsibility to develop individuals and making them leaders in the aviation industry.

We know what the industry needs. We hear it from the industry itself daily. Hence, we know what is best for you. We want to make our Aviation Management Degree worthwhile to the students. With utmost pride, we announce that we are the best and first Aviation Management Degree provider in Sri Lanka.

What has brought us so far and why are we so special? The lecturers who are experts in the respective areas they teach. We have certain criteria for hiring faculty members. Not only have they been in the industry and connected to the industry, they all hold a Masters or a Degree themselves.

You need to be motivated. It is better to know where you are heading in advance. Isn’t it? Do not worry, our lecturers are going to guide you to your dream and they are going to share their share of experiences with you. They will talk about their passion and why they chose the aviation industry in the first place. We teach you by bringing in real-world examples.

MCAS provides you with the opportunity of learning the management part of aviation being in a wonderful environment. What we thrive on achieving as a company is, providing a good value not only for your money but for your time and effort as well. When should you step into the field of aviation and start to study it? The answer is simple, “Right now”!

Currently, the demand and requirement for pilots in the aviation industry are gradually returning. If the need for pilots is high, definitely the need for all other aviation jobs is higher. As the frontrunners, we know how to sharpen and craft an individual to an Aviation Management profession by providing what they need what they want. Knowledge is not the only thing we provide. To pass on knowledge what you need is just the theories. We think beyond. We develop characters. MCAS teaches you to be a person of integrity no matter what work you do.

As the only Aviation Management Degree provider in the country, we are proud of what we are capable of doing to guide you and making a change in your lives. For us, identifying, nurturing, and bringing in the appropriate talent to meet the opportunities of the industry is a priority.

Why is it adventurous and exciting to get enrolled for an Aviation Management degree? Because you never know where you want to go with your career. All you have to do is, pick up what thrives and interests you the most from all the options. No, there is no one set career part when it comes to Aviation Management. Join and explore a new world.

One more thing that sets MCAS apart from the others is that we have online flexibility, because of this, if you get an opportunity to work on a full-time or part-time basis while you are a student with us.

Our goal is to enter the list of best aviation universities in the world and provide you the best aviation degree possible. Currently, we are on our way, and when we are going to achieve it, is just a matter of time. Airport Management, Aircraft Maintenance and Crew Management, Air Traffic Control, Airline Finance, and International Business Management are a few of the areas that you are going to cover under this degree.

Once you complete it, you will be eligible to apply for positions such as Airport Manager, Airline Manager, Airport/Airline Marketing Manager, Airline Station Manager, Airport Planner, and the list goes on and on.