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Why consider a career in Aviation?

The aviation sector encompasses a massive market. There are over 5000 airlines and over 15,000 airports of varying sizes and categories operating in the world, which together employ more than 10 million people directly and support millions of jobs indirectly globally. 

These airlines and airports offer a wide range of employment opportunities and are well-paid jobs with excellent benefits. 

Even when employee turnover is relatively low, the airline and airport industries together are so large that they outdo any other travel-related industry and are responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs.

It is difficult to find a better industry than the aviation industry to work in if you are interested in a career that is tied to traveling. The aviation industry is all about connecting people through the use of flights. 

As mentioned above, working in the aviation industry is a rewarding and successful choice for a career. It is a massive business that offers a wide variety of interesting choices for professional growth and advancement. Let’s dive into the major benefits of working in the aviation industry.

If you start your career in Aviation you will get Opportunity to travel


Arguably there is no other career path that provides as many opportunities for travel, both on and off the work, as does a flight attendant or pilot. 

Flight attendants and pilots are required to move about while on the job because they are responsible for the crucial task of transporting passengers from one location to another. 

Did you know that, during a single five-day shift, crew members might travel to as many as ten cities spread over several different continents? You heard it right. Flight crew are required to spend many days away from home, but in exchange, they get to see many intriguing destinations, that we dream to visit.

In most cases, flight crew are allowed to fly on the airline they are employed with for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Overall, flight crew are eligible for a wide variety of discounts on various services and attractions as well. 

Other aviation roles that are not linked to flying may also get the privilege of traveling, jobs such as recruitment officers, station managers, and training and development managers travel occasionally to carry out their work for the airline. 

Furthermore, most airlines offer tickets at a discounted rate to its employees, allowing employees to travel frequently for leisure. 

You get to learn new skills

You will acquire greatly marketable skills if you decide to work in the aviation industry. Working directly with customers will provide you with invaluable experiences in areas such as customer service and people management. You will gain an understanding of how each task when combined with the airport, creates a well-organized operational system.

If you like challenges; an aviation job is a perfect fit for you

Working in the aviation industry is very demanding. This industry is predicated almost entirely on the most cutting-edge technology. Employees working at all levels will feel adequately challenged which adds excitement to employee’s day to day working environment. 

You should be a risk-taker if you want to be a part of the aviation industry, and be open to working with people from all over the world. 

Benefits to your lifestyle

Both airlines and airports understand how vital it is for their workers to have a fulfilling life outside of work to maintain their level of contentment when they are on the job. 

With reference to an example from Virgin Atlantic, they extend the advantages they provide to their workforce beyond just the cost of the ticket by providing discounts on vacation packages through a subsidiary company called Virgin Holidays. 

Additionally, the provision of adult and childcare health benefits paid family leave, and discounts on various services are some examples of the lifestyle benefits offered by airports and airlines. 

Getting to meet new people


Working in the aviation sector is an excellent method to make everyday contact with a wide range of fascinating new individuals and engage in new activities. In the majority of the aviation careers, “meeting people” refers to more than getting together for lunch with other members of the workforce. 

Therefore, working in the aviation industry not only entails the opportunity to travel, but also the chance to meet new people.

You can reach new levels from a career perspective

It is in the best interest of airlines and airports as businesses to guarantee that their personnel are always improving. 

That is why airlines and airports make it a priority to frequently provide their staff with opportunities for training and career advancement. In addition to annual assessments, some companies also provide their workers with an annual financial incentive system to ensure that their contributions are properly recognized.

For example, Monarch Airlines has a team of development experts from a variety of fields whose duty is to support Monarch employees with their learning and development. These professionals work to ensure that Monarch employees reach their full potential. They provide the employees of the airline with the opportunities to participate in workshops and have resources at their disposal to help them acquire the skills necessary for their jobs.

In addition, numerous airports and airlines provide comparable programs in order to compete for the talent they require and to keep the talent they already have.


People who work in aviation tend to remain within the business for a significant amount of time since it provides enough opportunities for personal growth and development as well as exposure to unforgettable experiences and treasurable memories and these are some of the reasons why you should consider a career in aviation!