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Learn about World Famous Aviation Jobs.

Commercial Pilot

This is probably the most famous and sought-after job role in the aviation industry. Being a commercial pilot comes with great responsibility. No matter how demanding the job is, the industry is still very much open to newcomers. Plenty of openings are still available as we speak despite the Covid-19 pandemic. These openings may be particularly for experienced pilots, however, the demand for fresh graduates exists as well. 

In order to qualify yourself as a commercial pilot, a candidate will need to undergo their Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, and Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) along with the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL Frozen).

While being a pilot does not require an aviation degree, airlines nowadays prefer pilots who have added qualifications such as an aviation degree.

MCAS offers the first aviation management degree in Sri Lanka, and we will equip you to make your piloting dream a reality. 

You need the following to be eligible to apply for a piloting job:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation (preferred) 
  • CPL/IR and ATPL Frozen (mandatory)

MCAS has introduced the BBA in Airline and Airport Management degree for you to follow. 

Having a degree in aviation will also help pilots to step into management roles in the airline while flying or keeping their options open in case they lose their flying licenses due to medical conditions or other factors. 

Flight Instructor

There are a lot of students who are pursuing a career in piloting. But, who is going to give them the necessary training and guidelines to follow? Well, that is what a flight instructor does. They provide both ground and flight instructions for the student pilots to prepare them for their future roles and to pass their license tests. 

An advantage of being a flight instructor is that they can adjust their schedule as they need. The flexibility is something pleasing and can be considered like a 9-5 job. 

Most of the flight instructors are ex-pilots who have significant flying experience. The academic qualifications and the work experience are a must for this job and additionally require a proper certification for instruction. However, it should be pointed out that there is a trend of fresh pilot graduates applying for the position of assistant flight instructor, and once they gain a few hundred hours of on-the-job training, get promoted to a fully-fledged flight instructor. 

For those who would like to be a chief flight instructor or director of operations in a flight school, you will find it beneficial to gain an aviation management degree, which covers the operational aspects of running a business while majoring in aviation, in order to successfully operate your very own flight school. 

Air Traffic Controllers

What is the job of an air traffic controller? Is it important? What’s the role? Let me explain. 

The separation and safety of flight movements through communication between the pilots both on-air and ground is their main responsibility. Air traffic controllers give directions to pilots for taking off, landing, relaying weather updates, and other emergency tasks as well. Air traffic controllers should be well aware of safety and timeliness when carrying out this risky job.  

As mentioned above, it is risky and comes with a great deal of stress, but surely the salaries are worth the trouble. The competition for this job is high because of the high pay and the demanding role. 

The air traffic controller’s job role also usually requires a degree in science, engineering, math, or aviation as an entry criteria. 

Aircraft Technician or Mechanic

In aviation, the safety of an aircraft is an utmost priority. It should be made sure that there are no technical or mechanical issues with an aircraft. To achieve this, the plane should go through routine maintenance. 

All the required repairs and the necessary maintenance activities are carried out by the aircraft technicians and mechanics. Their skillset should include the ability to evaluate the flight data, diagnose the issues and carry out the repairing and replacement processes. 

If your ambition is to be an aviation mechanic or a technician, you should study at an Aviation Maintenance Technician School. In this field, there are multiple specializations available. You need certain certifications to be eligible to apply for certain job options. It is predicted that the position is going to need a lot more employees in the upcoming years. Do not underestimate this, as it is a high-demand job with high salaries. 

Aircraft Engineer

Who is entrusted with the maintenance of a plane? It is the aircraft mechanics and the technicians. Then, who gives the go-ahead command by assuring their work? That is the job of an aircraft engineer. At every instance where an airplane is going through a repair or a maintenance process, the plane should not fly unless an aircraft engineer confirms that it is good to go ahead with and the engineer will sign off on the repair or maintenance. 

Flight Dispatcher

Dispatchers work in a high-stress environment where multitasking is key to handling all the relevant responsibilities. Obtaining this position involves studying, written examinations, and meeting the minimum amount of supervised training hours necessary to begin work on your own.

While air traffic controllers are in charge of directing the flights during take-offs, landings, and in cruise, the job of a flight dispatcher is to create flight plans. 

This process is due even before the take-offs of flights. In these plans, the dispatchers have to consider multiple aspects. Weather, cargo, fuel, and drafting of the entire flight plans and route. After they create the plan, they provide this plan to the captain of the flight, flight dispatchers can be considered pilots on the ground, without them the workload of pilots will be overwhelming. 

Aerospace Program Manager

These is the personnel who are entrusted with running an aerospace program. It is a big responsibility on their shoulders and they have to comply with all rules and regulations for all the processes. These processes include hiring the right talent, enabling communication between various parties, operations, etc. It is up to them to make everything efficient in running a program.

This program can be the innovation of a new aircraft type, new technology, or any project related to aviation or space technology.  

If you find this job interesting, you may consider possessing a bachelor’s degree in aviation management as a stepping stone. What better than MCAS’s BBA in Airline and Airport Management degree which is one of the best aviation courses in Sri Lanka. 

When compared with other aviation jobs, the opportunities for this job are a bit limited, however, the salaries are high for aerospace program managers. 

Flight Attendant

This is a fantasy job for most of you out there because it involves a lot of traveling regularly. Well, it is true, but this job demands a lot of skills. A few of them are customer service, communication skills, ability to work as a team, organizing skills, etc. 

A journey on a flight for a flight attendant could be smooth or involve tough circumstances such as hard to deal with customers. At the same time, the job involves long and unusual working hours on a roster basis. 

You can apply to become a flight attendant if you have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institute. Also, it is preferred to have customer service experience to be eligible for this job. The competition for this position is very high and it is sought-after by many.  Other than the academic qualifications, your appearance, personality, and several other skills matter if you want to be hired as a flight attendant. 


There are numerous job opportunities and positions available in the industry for aviation enthusiasts. You should select the ideal course from the best aviation courses in Sri Lanka. 

Who better than MCAS who are ready to guide you all about the industry. The lecturers are experts from the aviation industry. The BBA in Airline and Airport Management degree we provide is a highlight among our courses and it includes everything you need to know about aviation. Do not delay! Join those who follow their dreams to fly high and achieve it. MCAS is here to make that dream come true.