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Why should anyone be qualified in Aviation?

In an industry with numerous positions, one’s ability to be specialized and qualified in Aviation, has its many benefits. To start with, being a qualified aviation professional helps you understand every corner of the industry; from Airports to Airlines, Landside to Airside. With one’s boarded understanding of the aviation industry, it benefits both the person and the industry.

How is that possible you wonder?

A qualification boosts a person’s ability to climb the career ladder and increases their opportunities. For example, starting at an introductory position, such as a Customer Service Agent; a qualification increases the individual’s chances of being promoted and moving closer to their dream position, such as an Airport Manager. Even pilots need a qualification! With more and more airlines requiring or preferring to hire pilots with a degree in aviation, this impacts their chances and ability to continue their role. On the other hand, to the aviation industry, qualified aviation professionals helps fill job gaps.
Aviation being a niche subject in the educational sector, has led to a lack of qualified and skilled individuals to fill the growing aviation job gap worldwide. Hence, an aviation qualification, trains and molds an individual to fit best in an aviation job, filling gaps and benefiting the industry.
To end with, if you are an aviation newbie or an aviator at heart; an aviation qualification is vital and advantageous to turn you into a universal aviation professional.

Reach your Aviation Dream by Achieving an Aviation Qualification!