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Aviation and Covid-19

Covid – 19, the global pandemic that has impacted not only our lifestyle but all industries as well, especially the Aviation industry.
With the cancellation of flights, closing of country boarders, loss of aviation jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of airline and airport revenue losses, is there any hope for the aviation industry?
YES, there is!
Despite the negative impacts mentioned, international aviation regulator IATA (International Air Transport Association) has already found ways to “restart” international airline aviation, which will create a safe and secure traveling experience for all passengers, boosting the travel life once again.
As people gradually begin travelling, this industry will definitely get back on its feet; which has slowly been proven with new airlines such as, Breeze Airways and Fly Lanka being newly introduced and some flights resuming their operations.
Along with this pickup, and new airlines and airports being introduced, there will also be a definite rise in job opportunities once again!
In conclusion, yes, aviation will rise from its dark times and yes, aviation will continue to be one of the largest revenue generating industries worldwide, all post covid-19.