Certificate in Airport Ground Operations

If you are interested in a unique learning experience, the Certificate in Airport Ground Operations is for you!

A specially curated programme by Millennium College of Aviation Studies and Inspiring Development Solutions to meet International airport and airline standards.

Be trained by highly experienced and professional trainers who have worked with leading international airlines, experience a hand-on and simulated training which matches the aviation working environment, and prepare yourself in-line with airline standards.


Three (03) Months


  • Preparing for the Global Market
  • Travel Booking Process
  • Documentation for Air Travel
  • Baggage Acceptance Process
  • Handling Passengers with Specific Needs
  • Managing Mishandled Baggage
  • Airside Safety
  • Ramp Handling Operations
  • Load Control Awareness
  • Aviation Security
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Past, Present and Future of Aviation
  • Developing Exceptional Customer Services
  • And much more

Further Education

Bachelor of Business Administration in Airline and Airport Management